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How C.P.R. Came To Be...


The first week of January 2004, my husband and I went to a pet store and played with two golden retriever puppies, a boy and a girl who happened to be littermates. My husband asked me which one I wanted. I replied, "What do you mean, which one!?" We took home Ricky and Lucy that very day, and they became a wonderful addition to our home. At six months of age, we had their hips x-rayed because Lucy had a wobbly walk and would sometimes fall down if she turned a corner too quickly. Our hearts were broken when we were told that BOTH of our wonderful puppies had severe hip dysplasia! Their hips were surgically corrected at 7 and 11 months of age. Imagine two dogs and four hips to fix! After the first surgery, I asked the orthopedic surgeon what exercises I should do to help them in their recovery. After all, I'm a physical therapy assistant who had 14 years experience at the time (2004). I discovered that there were limited resources available for canine rehabilitation. Through my tenure as a physical therapy assistant, rehabilitation has allowed my human patients to achieve the maximum possible recovery for their particular conditions. Why would this be any different for dogs? After their first surgery, limited therapy was available and performed, and the outcome was fair. After the second surgery, I sought out more aggressive therapy and we experienced a much better outcome. We saw improved range of motion, less swelling in their legs, quicker healing time, and improved daily walking. Most importantly, their happy puppy personalities returned faster!

Humans experience pain, swelling, weakness, decreased range of motion, muscular tightness, and difficulty with walking and decreased quality of life. We seek medical attention with our doctor and physical therapy. Dogs experience MANY of the same problems that we suffer, but skilled physical rehabilitation has not been available or even considered for dogs--until now.

After MUCH research on canine rehabilitation education, I was able to find a veterinary college that had a certification program: the University of Tennessee. So, after three trips to Knoxville, TN and an internship at the University of Illinois, I am now a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner who has been a licensed, working physical therapy assistant for 18 years. So it begins, Canine Physical Rehab, Inc.--known as the C.P.R..




Canine Physical Rehab, inc. - CPR
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