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Video Case Studies: Follow Thier Progress

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Abby is a 5 year old girl who sustained a fibro-cartilaginous emboli (spinal stroke) on 12/18/10.  With therapy sessions two times per week, and Abby's parents consistently performing the prescribed daily home exercise program, Abby has done very well.  This is her recorded progress of her road to recovery.
Video dates:

12/18 - Initial Evaluation
1/12 - Last Recorded Session

Abby will mostly likely receive one more session at Canine Physical Rehab and then continue with the daily home exercise program with her parents and follow up with the veterinarian.


Chili is a wonderful older lady who will be 14 years of age February 2011. Her owners/pet parents brought Chili to me because of her arthritis was really slowing Chili down quite a bit as she was was only able to walk 5 minutes at the most which involved stopping to sniff quite a bit, so the walks were really quite short with very frequent stops along the way. As of 10/16/2010 and today (12/29/2010) Chili is able to walk about 30 minutes twice a day and she is not stopping to sniff - she wants to go!
8/10 - Initial Evaluation
1/11 - Last recorded session.

Chili's therapy is ongoing to keep her girlish figure and her young attitude.  _______________________________________________________________________

Chief is a 2 year old Yorkiepoo, weighing only 7 lbs, who was attacked by an 80 lb. dog one day when he and his Mom were out walking.  The other dog jumped a 6 ft. fence and very quickly had Chief in his mouth and shook him, in the process broke his hip and Chief had to have emergency surgery the next day to repair the damage.  The surgical procedure is called a femoral head osteotomy (FHO), and chief came to see me about 3-4 weeks after surgery because he was not using that limb at all.
3/9 - Initial Evaluation
3/31 - Discharge Session

Great job Chief!


Maggie is a 5 year old girl who suffered a disc herniation at the level of T13-L1 level (low back region). She underwent surgical correction within the first 24 hours when the symptoms developed. Two weeks after the surgery Maggie saw the surgeon for a recheck, and he ordered rehabilitation since she was not using her rear limbs at all. The following clips were recorded to document Maggie's amazing progress:
3/15 - Initial Evaluation
4/15 - Discharge Session

Very impressive Maggie! _______________________________________________________________________

Kokopelli is a 13 year old gentleman who has been diagnosed with a neurological condition called degenerative myelopathy, which is close to multiple sclerosis in people as it is also a progressive condition.  Kokopelli has been coming to my clinic twice a week for 14 months as of January 2010.  Since his condition is progressive the primary goal initially was to improve his strength, balance and coordination in order to improve his walking abilities.  After about 6 months in my care the focus was to maintain his gains and to slow down the progression of this disease.  The videos show a mild progression and in some veterinary reports a dog may not be able to walk after about 1 year of the diagnosis, we are beyond that 1 year and Kokopelli is still going strong thanks to his very devoted family and Kokopelli's strong will to keep going!
11/23 - Initial Evaluation
12/13 - Last recorded session.

Kokopelli's therapy is still ongoing twice a week, and his parents are excellent about the follow through of his daily home program.


Taffy was rescued from a puppy mill when she was just 2 years old.  She was adopted and went to live on a farm in a barn with several other dogs.  After being there for about 6 months, Taffy wandered into the road and was hit by a car and she sustained multiple fractures:  right femur (thigh bone), left tibia and fibula (lower bones of the leg) and a pelvic fracture.  Her accident occurred on September 10, 2010, her owner surrendered Taffy to the Chicago English Bulldog Rescue at this time, then the next day she had to undergo a long surgical procedure to repair her rear limbs. September 17th is when I got to meet Taffy as she was wheeled into my clinic in a red wagon because she was unable to walk or even stand up at this point.  Chicago English Bulldog Rescue has wonderful volunteer foster Mom's who have been crucial for Taffy as she recovers physically and emotionally, they have also taught her what cuddling with people is all about and Taffy absoultely eats it up!  She has become a very affectionate girl and very playful!
 Meet Taffy:

9/17 - Initial Evaluation - Not walking yet.
10/5 - First steps!
1/4 - Last session recorded.

Therapy for Taffy will continue another 2-3 weeks then her foster Mom will continue with the daily home exercise program designed for Taffy.


Wrigley is an 8 year old boy who was running in field hunting Pheasant and went lame immediately on his right rear leg.  The injury was diagnosed as a torn cranial cruciate ligament (full ACL tear) and he underwent surgery within a few days of the injury.  Wrigley was brought to me when he still not using his right rear limb 5 weeks after the surgery.  My initial focus was to control his pain through gentle physical therapy techniques and to suggest to the veterinarian to order a pain medication to further help this process.  The owner was given specific exercises to perform daily and was also shown how to massage Wrigley's leg to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and pain in order to get Wrigley walking on this limb as soon as possible.  Wrigley is a trooper and he was able to bounce back fast with all the aforementioned in place.
 11/30 - Initial Evaluation
12/7 - Discharge Session

Wrigley did very well and the owner wished to continue therapy on his own with the outlined daily home exercise program. _______________________________________________________________________

Penny is a 1 year old girl who was diagnosed with bilateral medial luxating patellas (the knee caps are not where they should be, they are tracking too far on the inside of the knee area) causing her walking to be very painful. Penny underwent surgical correction of both rear limbs, then she was brought to me 3 weeks later because she was not using the right rear limb at all. Here are the video clips of Penny's road to recovery:
5/8 - Initial Evaluation
6/9 - Discharge Session

Way to go Penny!



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